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So tonight while my parents were out, I watched the documentary Hungry for Change. (It’s on Netflix, by the way). This movie was so profound. It shows the benefits of eating clean and the negative effects of processed foods.

The next challenge I’m going to face is getting my family to try eating clean for 2 weeks. This is going to be so difficult (as my sister and father especially love meat), but they honestly have a terrible diet. I’ll find a way to reason with them.

Question for all you lovely people:
Are you the only Vegan in your family? And if so, any tips on helping them eat healthier? xx

This is so helpful!

eatmooi said: Is it okay for a vegan to eat eggs if they have there own chickens as pets and there allowed to roam around?

You’d be surprised how often people ask me that haha.
I would imagine if someone were in that situation, they wouldn’t be Vegan, since being Vegan would mean they abstain from those products. However, if they were doing it from a health standpoint (Vegans who eat a balanced diet are generally healthier than non-Vegans), they might still abstain.
However, this is a very small percent of the population. Most of us aren’t in that situation. To address the Free Range topic (chickens raised in a “better” place), if you actually look into it, it’s only just slightly better than normal conditions. I personally just abstain from meat and dairy whether it says it’s humanely produced or not, because it’s really hard to tell today.
Hope I helped! xx

I hate it when this happens :(

I hate it when this happens :(

Not my picture, but the Boca burger at Red Robin is Vegan! I know that they had a slightly derogatory ad, but in my opinion, that was mostly a ploy to the family of Vegans. Since they offer this as a normal menu option, they’re recognizing the increasing demand for Vegan food. Since our goal is to make the Vegan diet mainstream, we should ignore the commercial and instead support the restaurant’s effort. If they continue to get a lot of customers ordering it, they might add other Vegan options.
On the other hand, if all the Vegans stop going there, the only thing they’ll see is a drop in Vegan burger consumption, which will result in it being taken off the menu.
Just my thoughts. xx
Oh my God! This is too funny! Unfortunately, the reality behind it is so sad.
This is so interesting!